Sales Coach & Author | "Life's Too Short To Give Half Of What You're Worth"

Maybe its from rising from nothing, or the motivation to make his father proud, but Todd Speciale walks a little more sure and presents a little stronger than most.

He’s not only recognized as a motivational guru, One Of Today’s Top Leadership Experts & Sales Trainers on the planet, and listed as one of THE preeminent new speakers in the world today, along with being a raw uncut mentor/life coach promoting real change. He’s also the CEO and Founder of Make Sales Great Again, which teaches business, sales and leadership to the masses including CEO’s of major Fortune 500 companies.

Speciale was and still is, sick of good people being taken advantage of by fake so called leaders not providing the value they’re charging people for. So he decided to create a business that took his love for mentor-ship and success to a more service-based, entrepreneurial space.

He envisioned, programs to give direction, accountability, and moreover, a chance to achieve when so few real chances and mentor-ship programs exist.

Todd is the Co-Host of the new nationally syndicated podcast called Gut Check Uncut! He’s the best-selling author of two books called “The Things I Do Know” and “A bathroom guide for closers” with his third book soon to be released!

He has spoken on stages with names like, Ashton Kutcher, Jack Canfield, Danelle Delgado, Tai Lopez, Tom Bilyeu, Jason Sisneros, Sean Whalen, Les Brown, Hank Steinbrenner and many more.

He speaks truth into the hearts and souls of those who might question their worth and he lights the stage of fire with pure and raw honesty. He elevates the spirits through pure intention to develop the minds of those willing to grow.

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Session 6