the perfect recipe for success

Knowledge. Mentoring. Community.

I have created a platform to help you thrive. I will mentor/guide/answer your questions as you launch grow your business. I will help you with marketing ideas and strategies. I will motivate the hell outta you to keep things consistent and continue to have momentum. You’ll get to connect with other goal-getting, like minded people to support and encourage you as well.

All you gotta do is SHOW UP to the zoom calls.

You can have it ALL.

And you deserve it!

I was a high school drop out and no college degree. But that didn’t stop me from becoming a 7 figure entrepreneur. Hustle is a decision, not something to be taught. If you have the drive to make sh*t happen, then I will give you the roadmap with tools, templates & strategies to help achieve your goals. You know you’re meant for more. That’s why you’re here, right? Only $197 a month *way cheaper than college, btw* to get the help that you need to succeed as a entrepreneur. Your one stop shop for support, tools & wealth.


the reviews

Brittani is the tough love, but supportive mentor you need to keep you accountable!”You keep me in alignment with my goals. The days I feel down, I look forward to the mentoring calls because the energy is top notch. I feel alive, inspired & motivated to get things done that I have been putting off! Every time I fall off, I hop on the calls or watch the replays and I get right back on track. That’s the point of this. To have someone BE THERE for you. Information to look forward too that actually works. I have strategies for my business all the time because of this. I joined Brittani’s 30 day Reel Challenge, I grew my account 215 people and made $6,000 in bookings for my business”
– Hallie A (Beauty Industry)My head is FULL of ideas and execution is my problem, but not anymore!I am a multi-passion kind of person. I start things but never finish. Therefore, I don’t actually succeed at anything. My business ideas are great but I just get overwhelmed in knowing what to do. I am a very “need a to-do” list kind of person. Although the mentoring calls are group calls with other members, Brittani makes sure to answer the questions on the call or she will tell you to email her after the call and she will email you back WITH answers and a to-do list for you! She’s fair, honest & helpful.
– Terra G. (digital product seller)

in the game with you

I am not just some “guru”..

I believe before ANYONE becomes a “mentor/guru/coach” they should BE IN THE GAME, first. I have created, launched & scaled to 6/7 figure… Airbnb, photography, clothing boutique, restaurant & E-commerce businesses. I actually HAD successful businesses before I taught anyone about business. Ya feel me? Now I love helping women thrive and succeed. I am full time doing this because.. I love y’all, but this is a full time job forreal. LOL. 

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Ok babe, Im in!

What Mentoring Includes

Here is the breakdown for my over thinkers who like details:

2X calls per month

On the 5th & 15th of every month, I will do zoom calls with all the members of my mentoring. (replays will be available if you can’t make it to calls). This is an open forum of Q+A. As you build your biz, questions will come up. “How do I launch FB Ad?” “How can I grow my insta?”. I’m here to answer. The whole group will get value because.. don’t you all want to know that stuff anyway?


I include my email templates, FB Ad templates, SMS templates, Canva templates and whatever else you may need from me. I have so much insider tips on which tools or apps you can use to better your business. Not sure what captions to write for insta? I have caption templates for you. This is a bubble of never-ending resources. If learn about something new, I’ll share with ya!


The old saying “it’s lonely at the top?” Well not anymore! We are popular lonely girls! We have each other now. You are part of a community of other ambitious, goal getting, baddies in business! You can meet other like-minded women who can also support you, vibe with and help you as well! You never know who you are going to connect with that could be beneficial for your biz.

You can cancel anytime!

i know sh*t comes up… don’t worry


i’m here for you no matter what

Different seasons, different reasons.

The beauty about this mentoring is that you can join, get mentored and then cancel the membership once you have fulfilled your goals or if something comes up. And if down the road you want to get mentored again, you just simply sign up again. No penalties. No hassle. I’m here doing my thang every month mentoring regardless and you can be part of it as off and on as you want. There’s seasons for everything! Not here to give you a hard time, just a good ole’ time to help your business 🙂

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Amazing, Let’s start!